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Jean H. Blanc


1972 to present - Commonwealth Valley Community College, Union County, PAIntroduction to Political Economy, US Foreign Policy, Introduction to Environmental Politics and Economy, Political Ideologies, Comparative Politics, Political Theory: Ancient and Medieval, State of Discipline, International Organization, Legal Process, The State and Local Government, International Political Economy.

1968-72 - De Sales University, Meadville, Crawford, PA. Writing of papers on Politics Theory, Financial Crisis, US Supreme Court, International Relations, US Interventions in Developing Nations, The Congress, Race, Politics, and the Law

1963-68 -East Buffalo High, PA 8th grade US Geography, 7th grade World History, 7th grade Pubic Speaking, 6th grade U.S. History

1963 - Chatham High, Berks County, PA 8th Grade US History, 9th Grade World Geography


1963 - Master of Arts in Political Science, Pennsylvania State University.

1961 - Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Pennsylvania University

1957 - East Buffalo High, PA


2010 - Member - Commonwealth Valley Society of Historians Committee.

2007 - Historical Researcher of 120 artists for author John Newmann,American Art, Knoxville,NJ:Newmann, 2007. A 502 page book showing important 19th to 20th century artworks from a 100 mile radius around the New Jersey. This year started a career at as a resume writer.

2006 - Mentor to budding authors ofBook Society, New York:Jeanne, 2006

2003 - Contributor to exhibition of art works and paintings by Jakson County artist, Gina T. Cape held at J.C. Art Museum, Pennsylvania.

1997-2001 - Member of Board of Trustees of Art Club Pennsylvania

1994-2002 - Member of the Board of Trustees of the Meadow Town Conservancy; a land preservation group.

1984-1994 - Volunteer strategist in five different critical elections. Critical essay writing experience gained via variety of online resources.

1983-1988 - President and of the Board of Trustees of the Bux Mountain Republican Press Committee.

1982- 1995 Head Adviser to Society for a Better Meadow County.

1983-1999 - Volunteer to the Meadow County Tourist and Political Improvement Committee.

1984-2001 - Volunteer adviser to Clean Air Society of the United States of America; a group dedicated to the legislation of maintaining clean air and implementation of laws that concern the said cause.

1982-1984 - Partner in Leyden, Gutre and Banx, a political consulting firm.

1980-1982 Senior Vice President of Operations and Board Member of Be AWARE, a group that implements laws and regulations that aims to preserve the environment specially the local nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

1976-1981 Member of the Board of Directors, Committee on Rehabilitation of Parks and Wildlife at the South District, PA

1975-1989 President of the American Teachers Hosts Foundation which hosted teachers from foreign countries.

1973 - 1983 - Volunteer Adviser and host to Pennsylvania Art Exhibition at the Penn Modern Museum of Art.

1978-1983 - Dealer in 19th century Pennsylvania collection of antiques and folk art. Most important customers: Penn. Modern Museum of Art. J.K. Drew Wintertime Museum, Jackson County, DE. Celebrated expert and lecturer on modern Pennsylvania pottery.

1968-1973 President and member of the Board of Jackson County Community College Teachers Society. Negotiated a very important contract between teachers and the school administration in which the roles and responsibilities of the members of the faculty were defined and deliberated.

1967 to present - Member of several college and local highschool committees, part-time freelancer for an online research papers writing service.


The beginning: Revolution
James Robert Kilmsworth and others, 1841-18768
The Principalist
Henry Scambridge and others, 1895-1932
The Way to Respectability
Kevin D. Moonie and others, 1832-1889
Old Fame
Andrew Jackson and his world, 1767-1788


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